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Qingdao binglingfang brand special vehicle is an enterprise that has obtained the special vehicle production qualification through the record certification of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China. After 28 years of professional focus on research and development, it produces constant temperature chicken seedling vehicle, closed constant temperature mixed bin young poultry transport vehicle, livestock and poultry transport vehicle, bulk feed tank transport vehicle, closed constant temperature pig pulling vehicle, egg transport vehicle, lightweight heat preservation and refrigeration vehicle, etc.

Binglingfang brand special purpose vehicle has won many invention patents, utility model patents and various honorary certificates. It has strong technical force, strict management mode, strict quality monitoring, perfect quality assurance system, professional technical team and sales team. Products are sold to the whole country and export to foreign markets

We dare to innovate, dare to absorb new ideas, and constantly integrate new ideas. Adhering to the principle of "customer demand as the fundamental, customer satisfaction as the goal", the company wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality services.

Product excellence, we will use action to make ice cream brand more brilliant. We sincerely provide our customers with excellent products and services, welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our company, and sincerely hope to create a better tomorrow hand in hand with our customers!

  • Quality-based

    All products undergo rigorous testing before leaving the factory, and always adhere to the highest quality principle

  • Professional R & D department

    Qingdao binglingfang has its own R & D department, including more than 10 engineers, to provide you with professional technical support and services

  • Innovation and one-stop service

    We continue to innovate and strive to provide quality services to our customers. Enjoy service for life

  • Complete 6S management system

    We use 6S (Seition, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke, Security) system to improve workshop efficiency and improve quality output.

  • Latest production equipment

    We use imported professional equipment to ensure the quality of the machine.

  • Complete process flow

    Adopting precise production process, all products are strictly tested before leaving the factory, and they always adhere to the highest quality principle.

Services & Cases
  • Export business

    Qingdao binglingfang refrigerated truck products have been widely exported to India, Ghana, Chile, Mauritius, Philippines, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Peru, and other Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, South American, and African countries. Refrigerated trucks, aluminum plate refrigerated trucks, stainless steel plate refrigerated trucks, glass steel plate refrigerated trucks, mobile refrigerated trucks, refrigerated trailers, chicken transporters, hybrid silo transporters, pig carts, etc..

  • Car manufacturers

    We cooperate with many auto manufacturers such as Foton, Jiefang, JAC, Dongfeng and Sinotruk. The main refrigerated car body adopts injection foaming technology, which is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and lightweight, and has been well received and recognized by customers.

Beijing Futian Automobile Export

Beijing Futian Automobile Export

Export Foreign Bulk

Export Foreign Bulk

Vehicle Bulk Plate Exit

Vehicle Bulk Plate Exit

All Aluminum Plate Heat Preservation Refrigerated Truck

All Aluminum Plate Heat Preservation Refrigerated Truck


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