11.20.2019Cold chain transportation industry ushering in new challenges

Cold-chain transportation mediator fresh, refrigerated truck is the main tool of highway refrigerated products transport,

11.12.2019How to choose your own refrigerated truck

Refrigerated trucks as a necessary means of transport, cold chain transport entrepreneurs many ordinary people also buy van refrigerator car, used in between rural and urban areas of transportation of the frozen food, but many drivers for how to choose the van refrigerator cars have more questions,

11.12.2019In recent years, the demand for agricultural cold chain logistics has increased

Agricultural products cold chain logistics refers to the goods such as fruits and vegetables meat in sales, production storage transportation to the consumption of each link has been in low temperature environment,

11.12.2019Refrigerated car maintenance

With the arrival of summer, the maintenance of refrigerated vehicles is becoming more and more important. .....

11.20.2019The difference between refrigerated truck and cold storage

The name of the refrigerated truck is the vehicle, which is equipped with a refrigerated refrigerated vehicle.Cold storage is a refrigerated warehouse,

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