How to choose your own refrigerated truck


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 Refrigerated trucks as a necessary means of transport, cold chain transport entrepreneurs many ordinary people also buy van refrigerator car, used in between rural and urban areas of transportation of the frozen food, but many drivers for how to choose the van refrigerator cars have more questions, then we Qingdao Kafer intelligent refrigerated truck company will introduced for how to choose a suitable for their own refrigerator car:

 In general when purchasing a refrigerator truck basically see the chassis, truck, refrigerator these three parts, and it is also the most critical three sections of refrigerated truck , when buying from these three aspects exactly. Have on the choice of the chassis, if mainly in the urban transport, hang a blue card, that is about to choose pickup truck, light truck series, the vehicle is less than 6 meters long and weight not more than 1.5 tons of chassis, this is the actual situation of transport the goods according to the owner to decide, can also according to the transport distance, cost considerations in downtown can choose electric micro minivans or tricycle, run the long-distance truck owners can choose the heavy truck chassis. Refrigerated trucks in the transport way is very important to choose a cost-effective professional chassis, it is not just about goods transport efficiency, but also related to the refrigeration unit wage problem. Cold chain involves many links, but as a refrigerated trucks to strictly implement national discharge standard, reduce vehicle carbon dioxide emissions, reduce the refrigerator car fuel consumption, reduce curb weight, improve fuel efficiency.At present many enterprises are lightweight design of the vehicle, in order to improve the loading efficiency of refrigerated truck , reduce the energy consumption of the engine.

Second is the choice in truck body, not suggest the drivers to select the normal truck body to become refrigerated truck body, because most of the normal case is made of steel material, so its insulation and anti-corrosion effect is not very ideal.Especially when transporting some seafood, sea water is very easy to the aroused the corrosion of the truck body.The specific case of transport of goods needed to select the user can according to their own decision, manufacturers can according to the needs of users to customize the body, now commonly used material is fiberglass, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, can also choose to triple back door refrigerated truck or double temperature truck body, or double thermostat, temperature box according to user's actual situation, carrying goods to decide.

Last is about the choice of refrigeration units, refrigeration units should be in accordance with the requirements and the temperature of the cargo, can choose the independent or split unit, imported or domestically unit, cryogenic units or fresh units., of course, the choice of these units, the price is also different, for example, the lower temperature of cryogenic unit, the price is more expensive, so specific selection problem of the unit is according to their own economic condition and the cold storage.

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