In recent years, the demand for agricultural cold chain logistics has increased


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Agricultural products cold chain logistics refers to the goods such as fruits and vegetables meat in sales, production storage transportation to the consumption of each link has been in low temperature environment,A systematic project to ensure quality and performance.It consists of four aspects: frozen processing, refrigerating storage, refrigerating transportation and distribution.Cold-chain logistics need comprehensive consideration of production, transportation, sales, economic and technical, and other elements, and coordinate the relationship between the elements, to ensure that the perishable, fresh food in the course of processing, transportation and marketing value.The cold chain applies to vegetables, meat, aquatic products, dairy products and frozen foods.

If it is a good product due to the problems of transportation and storage is not fresh, will affect the nutrition and flavor change or small things, serious condition affect health, so it can be equated to counterfeit goods, but the supply chain often behind this is the general consumers are unable to know.

Refrigerated and frozen foods require a complete cold chain logistics to control the temperature of the cargo (according to the relevant rules) to ensure the safety of the food.This includes the enclosed environment, storage and transportation of the loading and unloading.Full of frozen food supply chain is an indispensable element, food safety, so the requirement of cold chain logistics is higher, corresponding management and capital investment also is bigger than ordinary normal temperature logistics.

Over the next five years, the country to increase the rate of cold chain circulation rate and refrigerated transport set a higher development goals, as one of cold chain logistics infrastructure, the supply of refrigerated vehicles must keep up with the pace, it will bring opportunities to slow development of refrigerator car companies.

There are a bunch of target number for refrigerator car companies, worthy of attention: national requirements by 2015, fruits and vegetables, meat, aquatic products cold chain circulation rate by 5%, 15% and 5% respectively to 20%, 30%, 36% or more, basic implementation exponentially.In addition, the rate of refrigerated transportation of fruits and vegetables, meat and aquatic products is increased from 15% to 30% and 40% to 30%, 50% and 65%.

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