Refrigerated car maintenance


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With the arrival of summer, the maintenance of refrigerated vehicles is becoming more and more important. In order to prevent the summer high temperature damage to the surface of the refrigerated vehicle, Xiao Bian teaches you several ways about the daily maintenance of refrigerated containers and refrigeration units.

Maintenance of cold storage unit

As the important part of the refrigerated truck, the refrigerating unit is the reason to maintain the temperature of the cabin and maintain the fresh material. Some car body circuit facilities is that the user should pay attention to the details, to prevent a short circuit power line caused by the occurrence of naked, but also to prevent due to the lighting equipment to alternating hot and cold heating brings unnecessary damage. 

The long-term use of refrigeration unit, the compressor in the long-term working status, easy to produce impurities so that the compressor failure locking refrigeration system, maintenance of general refrigeration unit is based on the engine working hours or engine mileage for maintenance and maintenance, the refrigeration unit is usually 500-700 hours or 2000 km for a maintenance and maintenance. Check the stability of the refrigeration system and adjust the belt and bracket of the refrigeration compressor. Replace the drying bottle. 

The use of refrigeration unit less, customers can do some small steps for maintenance, if in the months of situation, also do not need for two weeks running cooler refrigeration units, each operating time is 10 - 15 minutes. Check the operation of the unit during operation. One year maintenance, check the chiller properly.

cold storagebelt must be used in the cold storagefor 5 hours or so, tighten the compressor tensioner wheel. 

How to judge the tightness of the belt: press the belt with your finger and drop 5 millimeters to indicate normal. It is more than 5 millimeters, which means the belt is a little loose. For a long time, the belt will soon run away, or the belt will rot and rot.

start the motor car and then open the refrigerator. Turn off the cold storagebefore turning off. 

high speed, not allowed to open the refrigerator, you must open the cold storageat low speed. 

the first use of cold spring every year, must use the hand disk cooler compressor turntable, to press and hold on, can not idle. Let the compressor internal rotor rotate with the hand. Reason: heat the refrigerant oil to the bottom of the compressor and scrape it into the high pressure tubing.

Precautions regarding the use of refrigerated trucks: 

1. pay attention to pre cooling of goods and cold storage before loading 

The transportation equipment is to keep the temperature of the cargo while carrying it.

Do not carry the temperature of the cargo or freeze it in a cold storage. It is very difficult to load the cargo if the cargo is high in temperature or the temperature is very high in the refrigerator. Therefore, please make sure to pre - cool the goods and the cold storage and reduce them to the transport temperature. 

2.Circulate the air-conditioner smoothly between the goods

To make the temperature in the cold storagekeep uniform temperature, we must pay full attention to the piling up of the goods. It should be noted that the cargo can not be piled onto the car roof or in the air vent or air port to stack the goods.

3.The goods were quickly moved in and out

When the cold storage door is opened, the outside air flow will cause the temperature rise in the warehouse. The goods were quickly moved in and out.In addition, please stop the operation of the chiller when carrying out the cargo handling. 

4. special attention should be paid when loading vegetables and fruits 

Vegetables, fruits and other heat generated by breathing, if the cold air circulation is not good, the central part of the car will rise in temperature, thereby affecting the quality of goods. In addition, the upper part of the air cooler near the outlet will suffer frostbite due to air conditioning. Therefore, please cover the cover cloth beforehand and so on to protect it.

keep the cold storage clean and sanitary

Food must be kept clean when transporting food. If the salt and fat attached to the inner wall or door sealing strip, not only health, corrosion will shorten freezing compartment, the life of a car.

Maintenance of refrigerated compartment

The box body is an important part of the refrigerated truck. It is made of polyurethane material and glass fiber reinforced plastic material (aluminum alloy, color steel plate, etc.). Keep refrigerated trucks in the shade in summer to prevent direct sunlight from direct freezing.

Whether the refrigerator car refrigerator car parking time long or frequent use, car body surface are easily contaminated with dirt, so often timely cleaning of the surface dirt and dust. Before cleaning, you must first cut off the power supply, and use soft cotton cloth dipped in a small amount of detergent free warm water solution to clean the inner and outer surface of the refrigerator. Dry with dry cloth after cleaning. Do not use organic solvent, hot water, washing powder, etc. to clean the harmful substances in refrigerator. 

In order to prolong the service life of the car body, should always use warm water to wash the seal, the sealing strip to maintain flexibility. In order to prevent the refrigerated car paint is directly exposed to the outside, the user can refrigerated trucks were glair processing, cold storage car paint to form a protective glaze, can play the role of ultraviolet resistance. 

For the maintenance of the surface in a refrigerated vehicle to make temperature control regulation, do not make the car body surface ice, if the air humidity is relatively large, as far as possible packaged refrigeration products, especially water sealed packaging products, can reduce the internal compartment to evaporate moisture, reduce the possibility of internal frozen refrigerated truck.

If the cold car surface junction with a layer of ice, in each shipment of finished goods, should be promptly with the deicing shovel to be eradicated, prevent the ice more and more thick, not only affect the body of the storage space, but also increase the weight of the vehicle, increased fuel consumption. Similarly, internal attention should be taken to avoid the damage to the inner surface of the sharp goods or packing cases.


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