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has a sales network throughout the country and around the world. It has sales branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places, and has offices in various provinces.

The company has a well-trained technical research and development, production and marketing team to provide customers with high quality pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.

Company's service commitment: If there is a quality problem, we will respond within 4 hours, 24 hours service personnel will arrive at the scene, and remote areas will arrive at the scene 72 hours for processing. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

At present, Kifiel's intelligent refrigerated trucks and thermal insulation trucks serve the urban and rural cold chain short-distance transportation in supermarkets, medical, catering, dairy, quick-freezing, flowers, agricultural and sideline products industries, and are widely recognized and praised by customers.

pre-sale service

(一)Warranty period

During the quality guarantee period, due to product manufacturing quality problems, the company went to the site to handle the problems until the specified technical indicators were reached and the equipment was operating normally. The equipment was damaged due to poor customer storage or improper use. The company actively gave technical guidance. Return to the factory for repair at your own cost。

(二)Outside the warranty period

The product causes mechanical failure during long-term operation. When the customer cannot solve the problem, the company receives a call from the customer, and the company can actively cooperate to solve the problem so that the equipment can operate normally. All costs are borne by the customer.

(三)Installation and commissioning

1. Guide installation: During the equipment installation and commissioning phase, according to customer requirements, company technical experts and skilled workers came to the site to provide technical guidance and handle manufacturing-related technical problems. And on-site training for customer technicians and workers.

2. bear the related costs during equipment installation, equipment installation strictly enforce the standards, according to process requirements and installation procedures, and strictly control the quality of the installation, ensure the installation and precision equipment debugging qualified to ensure normal operation of equipment.

3. according to user requirements, timely seriously good customer field service, good free guide installation, commissioning work to ensure normal operation of equipment, installation and commissioning in the commitment process to ensure the quality of the installation, according to the contract duration required to complete the installation, commissioning and compliance.

After sales service

1. Agents for customers or self-transport, must inform the matters needing attention during transportation to ensure that the equipment reaches the scene safely.                    

2. Prepare spare parts of equipment for customers to ensure the normal operation of the product, so that customers have no worries.                    

3. During the equipment warranty period, three guarantees are implemented for product quality in accordance with the contract law.

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