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Feed truck, also known as bulk feed truck, feed tank transport vehicle. It is mainly used to transport bulk feed finished products or feed to livestock farm, poultry farm and feed processing users from feed plant, and it can also be used to transport some non corrosive powder granular raw materials, such as powder and grain warehouse turnover in pharmaceutical factory.

1. Bulk transport feed not only saves labor and low cost than packing and bag transportation, but requires that livestock and poultry farm have storage tank containing feed.

2. Bulk feed is sealed and transported in the tank body to reduce losses, ensure quality and avoid pollution. Automatic loading and unloading, continuous operation, greatly improving production efficiency

3. The automatic hydraulic system is easy to operate and convenient. Other parts, gear pumps, hydraulic motors and so on are standardized, which provides convenient conditions for maintenance.

4. The tank can be equipped with separate warehouses, which can transport various kinds of feed or expanding medium at the same time.

Automatic hydraulic unloading bulk feed truck and electric unloading bulk feed truck

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