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Chassis configuration: Changchun Jiefang 7.6m baby poultry transport vehicle (National 5)


2019 j6l semi floating flat top row semi cab


Dachai ca4dk1-18e51 (fcri + SCR gas drive),


, 10.00R20 18 levels, 4.875 speed ratio, automatic air conditioning, front and lower protection device, wide bumper, electro-hydraulic lifting device, aluminum alloy air reservoir, 300L steel oil tank


Vehicle size: 10000 * 2550 * 4000mm


Interior dimension of car body: 7600 * 2244 * 2420 mm,


Large box configuration: seven small skylights are installed on the top of the two side panels, and seven self-made small windows are opened below,


Two single doors are opened on the left and right sides respectively, and they are opened backward. There is a fan on the front plate, and two vents are opened on both sides of the front plate. Six large skylights are installed in the middle of the roof, and seven small fans are installed on both sides,


The rear door has three doors, one in the middle is equipped with louvers, and the bottom plate can be installed with aluminum checkered plate and aluminum guide rail,




One fan is added to the front plate, and two fans are added to the front plate

Four small fans in the back door




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