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9m 6 Jiefang jh6 bulk feed truck

Transportation medium: expanded and pellet feed, powder, density 500kgm3, tank effective volume: 32.1m3,

Tank dimension (mm) 9080 × 2540 × 2250

Model: 9.6 m Jiefang jh6

Vehicle dimensions:

(L * w * h) mm


Total mass (kg): 31000

Loading mass (kg): 15500

Discharge mode: electric remote control winch discharge

Axle load (kg): 6500 / 6500 / 1800 (two axle group)

Maximum speed (H / km): 120, 80, 89

HP: 350

The car is equipped with a new structure of bumper, fuel tank and aftertreatment with different installation positions, new structure of fender, front exhaust pipe, flat top cab, double fuel tank, front disc brake, speed limiting device and 80km / h speed limiting device. The car is equipped with a flat top cab with chassis, which is mainly used for transporting feed. The tank body is unloaded by electric auger, and the side protection material is aluminum alloy

Parameter table

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