Product Description

9.6m Aluminum alloy enclosed multi-layer pig seedling transport vehicle

1. All aluminum alloy profiles, light weight, high strength, strong corrosion resistance

2. Forced air circulation mode, the outside air enters through the fan, inhales a large amount of natural wind for ventilation, to ensure that the livestock and poultry in the compartment exhale normally

3. The car can be divided into three floors and four floors. There are two exhaust fans on each floor. The inner floor and top ceiling can be raised to facilitate personnel access, loading and unloading and washing

Parameter table

Model: the first four and the last eight of Jiefang jh6

Vehicle size: 1155012000 × 2550 × 39204000mm

Total mass: 31000 (kg) servicing mass: 1590016400 (kg)

Rated load mass: 14971049051447014405 (kg)

1. The top plate of the carriage can be raised and lowered, which is used for loading and unloading livestock and cleaning the carriage;

2. The three-layer car body is optional, with a service weight of 15900kg and a rated load of 1497014905kg;

3. Four layer box body is optional, with servicing weight of 16400kg and rated load of 1447014405kg; side style (with windows) is optional, which is convenient for ventilation and symmetrical

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