Product Description

Intermediate insulation layer rigid polyurethane foam

The insulation layer uses cyclopentane polyurethane as a whole to be injected and foamed at one time, no seams, no gaps, good heat insulation and high strength

Non-toxic gas release, environmental protection

Low thermal conductivity

Low thermal conductivity of polyurethane K = 0.023w / k.m2. Higher than XPS board (K = 0.028 ~ 0.035w / k.m2)

EPS foam board

(K = 0.024W / m.K ~ 0.041W / m.K


The density of PU polyurethane board is as high as 42-45kg / m3,

Density of XPS extruded polystyrene ≤38kg / m3

 EPS polystyrene particle foam density reaches 15-30kg / m3

Parameter table


Body weight

Sub-frame protection

Board specifications

Car body size


Sandwich FRP box



2.2mm inside and outside


Top and bottom 103, the rest 83

Integrated injection type glass steel plate body



2.2mm inside and outside


Bottom 100, the rest 80,

Integrated injection type aluminum plate body



Outside 0.8 color coated aluminum plate, inside 1mm light aluminum plate


Top bottom 100 remaining 80

Integrated injection type CFRT board body


Including (aluminum square tube)

Internal skin all 30pxcfrt board, external skin 37.5px glass steel plate


All 80mm

The size of the car body is 4.2 meters, the bottom roof is 10cm thick, and the side panels are 8cm thick, including the auxiliary frame and protection.

 Injection foaming glass fiber reinforced plastic box body is about 350KG lighter than traditional sandwich board box body.

 Aluminum plate body weight reduction is about 368KG, CFRT plate body weight reduction is about 421KG

 The carriage is equipped with a 5100 plate auxiliary frame and protection, and the carriage is equipped with an aluminum profile auxiliary frame and protection.

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