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Features of refrigerated truck box:

The insulation layer adopts the domestic environmentally friendly cyclopentane polyurethane one-time overall injection foaming technology. There is no butt joints between the layers. The thermal conductivity is low. The insulation is good.

According to market demand, the insulation layer is divided into the following three types:

    PU polyurethane board density ρ = 42-45kg / m3,

          Thermal conductivity K = 0.023w / m · k

     XPS extruded polystyrene density ρ ≤38kg / m3

          Thermal conductivity K = 0.028 ~ 0.035w / m · k

      EPS polystyrene particle foam density ρ = 15-30kg / m3

          Thermal conductivity K = 0.024 ~ 0.041w / m · k

Use food grade, safety, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, sun protection, cold insulation, high strength, impact resistance, easy to clean and repair, long service life,

The inner and outer wall panels are selected from domestic high-quality 2.2mm FRP. The thickness of the box body is 100mm / 80mm. And locks, the interior of the box uses LED lighting and box width lights

Metal aluminum sheet:
The entire outer skin is pre-coated with no seams; the inner surface is coated with light aluminum. Environmental protection, no pollution, no secondary pollution, recyclable, low thermal conductivity, light weight, high strength.

▶Flat and beautiful, long service life

The surface of the board is flat, durable, and man-made. Accidents and other external factors can be used for at least 15 years without deformation and crack. The whole assembly is seamless, and the box body is a whole piece without splicing, no deformation, and water leakage and rain resistance

Really warm in winter and cool in summer, impervious to freezing in winter, impervious to drying in summer, good insulation and sealing effect, no leak

Each car body must be subjected to a rain test before leaving the factory: the time is 0.5 hours

Test purpose: The rain test of refrigerated trucks (insulated vehicles) is to check the sealing performance of the compartments.

Test conditions: The rain test is performed on a professional rain shower (see picture).

Test method: During the rain test, the simulated rainfall intensity is 5 ~ 7mm / min, and the car is subjected to a rain test for 30 minutes. After the test, dry the outside of the carriage, open the door, and check that there is no water and leakage.

Foaming machine: using advanced German equipment


Ksfer refrigerated truck box features 1. Good insulation 2. Good sealing 3. Light weight 4. Corrosion resistance 5. Anti-aging 6. Internal impact resistance, wear resistance and easy cleaning , The overall performance is good, not afraid of collision 8. easy to repair 9. high residual value


● Optional or customized accessories: floor ventilation slot, ventilation partition around the compartment; temperature and humidity recorder: printing on board, high and low temperature alarm, GPS positioning. Can be customized galvanized steel or stainless steel medical frame, non-slip aluminum pattern plate can be installed on the bottom plate, and load bearing plates can be embedded in the side plate; special connection fittings and diversion tanks for seafood standards can be customized; slide rails and meat can be set for refrigeration fresh meat transportation standards Hook related accessories and more

Optional cooler

Different units can be selected according to customer's car needs. Customers can choose -5 ℃, -10 ℃, -15 ℃, -18 to -20 ℃ refrigerating units. The brands of refrigerating units are domestic Huatai, Songhan, Kaixue, Chao Cool .. and other refrigeration units, imported refrigeration unit brands are: Carrier, Cool King, Denso, etc. Refrigeration units are divided into independent units and split units! It is recommended that bosses call the appropriate refrigerating unit according to your car needs! This model can be equipped with a "cooling + heating" dual-temperature unit (control temperature range is + 20 ° C to -18 ° C), which can be used in the cold regions of Northeast China, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Tibet!

Optional configuration: rail meat hook, T-shaped ventilation slot, open right side door, real-time temperature monitoring with printing device, the inner fabric of the seafood box must be made of stainless steel, and optional 12V-24V external power supply (when the vehicle is stopped) , The cabinet is cooled by an external power supply).

Loading medical waste: The inside of the body must be made of fully enclosed stainless steel, with a stainless steel closed inner tilt door, an anti-virus spray device, an ultraviolet anti-virus device, and a waste liquid spill tank device!

Vehicle issued: regular chassis certificate, regular vehicle certificate, regular vehicle purchase tax invoice, national unified motor vehicle, on-board tools, vehicle warranty manual, vehicle instruction manual, national service station directory, etc. Let you go home worry-free, convenient and fast!

Different vehicle configurations and customer uses, prices vary! Factory direct sales + foreign trade export

Kafer refrigerated truck product advantages

A. Standardized production flow

B. Kaifeier specializes in the production of small and medium-sized refrigerated and insulated vehicles, such as Foton Xiangling, Aoling, Omarco, JAC, Sinotruk, Dongfeng and other brands. Customers are welcome to come to the factory to buy.

C. Cost-effective. All small-scale refrigerated trucks are produced in flow-type batches, and the cost is reduced a lot. All of them benefit the users, so that the product quality is excellent and the price is low.

D. Good service-high standards and high requirements.

Kafer attaches importance to quality. Quality is the source of life of an enterprise. Quality wins the market and integrity creates a brand.

Environmental protection, low carbon, energy saving, lightweight

Parameter table

Product name

Refrigerated truck (Xiangling M1-1550: 2750)

Vehicle announcement


Chassis model


Cab form

Passengers: 2 (person)

Car head





DAM15KL Harbin Dongan


1498 Power: 85 Horsepower: 115  





Leaf spring


Rear axle


Tire specifications

175R14(Back twins)


Total mass: 3495 (Kg) Rated load mass: 1615 (Kg) Curb mass: 1750 (kg)

Other configurations

Optional single-sided cargo compartment, shroud, medical standard internal frame


Standard, warm air, non-forward body, hydraulic brake, load sensing proportional valve, reversing radar, power steering, ESC headlights, optional electric doors and windows + central lock, air conditioning, turning, leather seats, multimedia, Daytime running lights, driver assistance, shroud


Body weight

Sub-frame protection

Board specifications

Car body size


Sandwich FRP box



2.2mm inside and outside


Top and bottom 103, the rest 83

Integrated injection type glass steel plate body



2.2mm inside and outside


Bottom 100, the rest 80,

Integrated injection type aluminum plate body



Outside 0.8 color coated aluminum plate, inside 1mm light aluminum plate


Top bottom 100 remaining 80

Integrated injection type CFRT board body


Including (aluminum square tube)

Internal skin all 30pxcfrt board, external skin 37.5px glass steel plate


All 80mm

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